How to Get Your Blogging Groove Back

Is your blogging suffering from your lack of excitement for it?

Maybe you haven’t posted anything for weeks or even months because your enthusiasm for the topic has evaporated, and you find it challenging to be consistent.

Or maybe you’ve regularly been posting, but now you’re starting to feel tired, exhausted, or even burnt out.

Here are six ways to change things.

1: Take a real hiatus from your blog
If your enthusiasm for blogging has been waning for a while, or if you feel you have another task on your to-do list, it’s probably time to take a break.

Take a break from your blog. If you’ve regularly been blogging, let your readers know you’ll be gone for a month or more.

You might be worried that this will hurt your blog or cause people to log off in droves. But see it as an opportunity instead, post links to some of your best posts and products for visitors to look at while you’re away. Ask people to sign up for your newsletter, so they know when you’re going to restart blogging.

Tip: Before you begin posting, make sure you’ve set up a content calendar and (ideally) made some posts. Doing this will make it much easier to start blogging again the way you want to.

2: Get back in touch with the reasons why you wanted to blog
Why did you start blogging? Maybe to make money. But, perhaps also, to share your ideas with the world, to have fun exploring your passions and writing about new ideas.

Have you forgotten your “why?” in the busy everyday life of blogging? Take a look at what you have already achieved. Even if you haven’t reached your financial goals, you will have learned a lot. And chances are you’ll be able to tick off some of the essential milestones in blogging.

Tip: Save the kind emails and comments you get from readers. Knowing that one of your posts has changed someone else’s day can be motivating – especially if your enthusiasm is waning.

3: Reduce the frequency of your blogging
Have you over-committed yourself to an unrealistic schedule? Feeling overwhelmed is natural when you have to crank out article after article without having enough time for:

  • Promoting the content you create to make the most of it.
  • Brainstorming for fresh content ideas
  • Bathing

You don’t have to write posts every day to have a successful blog. Some bloggers only blog once a week or even less. The quality of the content you create is much more important than the quantity.

If it would be more fun for you to skip one of three posts a week, then do it.

Tip: There is no ‘perfect’ blogging frequency. Just don’t change it too much. Readers want to know what to expect. Choose a schedule you can easily stick to (e.g., one post per week).

4: Make sure that your content matches your goals

Are you trying to earn money with your blog? Then your posts must help you do so.

Of course, you will want to write content that you think will appeal to your readers. But try to select post ideas that work well for things like affiliate links and reminding readers about your products and services.

This might help:

  • Retain your current readers and give new readers an additional portal in your blog.
  • Encourage your fans to recommend or buy something from you.

Tip: If you’re having trouble finding ways to monetize your blog, take a look at these six sources of income recommended for bloggers.

5: Get help
Blogging can be lonely, especially in the first few days, when you are trying to grow your blog and build an audience. It can also be challenging to manage everything yourself. Maybe you’ve lost enthusiasm after a long technical battle with your WordPress theme, or you tried to design an attractive logo and didn’t succeed.

There is a lot of help available from other bloggers in the blogging community on different Facebook groups for designers, developers, assistants, and others who can help you manage and grow your blog.

Tip: If you like to expand your blog and your business, but are having trouble writing, why not hire a few authors to help you create content?

6: Think about whether you are in the right niche
Have you lost enthusiasm for your niche? New bloggers often pick a niche that they think will be lucrative. But while this is perfectly understandable, it can also lead to writing in a niche that you don’t care about.

If you feel that you’ve said everything you want to say about your niche, or if it’s a topic that doesn’t fit anymore, then maybe it’s time to find a different direction of your blog. You might consider starting a new blog in a completely different niche. Many well-known bloggers have gone through several different ideas before finding one that doesn’t work anymore.

Tip: Some bloggers may have more than one blog at a time, but it’s challenging to do this with great success. If you’re struggling with sticking to for your current blog, try to start a new blog, but keep the original blog. Put the old blog on pause while you’re getting the new one started.

Don’t give up. My mom used to tell me if I act enthusiastic, I will be enthusiastic. Are you more enthusiastic about blogging now?

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