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We are all somewhere, sometime in life, a beginner. Today I may know a lot about Pinterest or blogging compared to, say, MailChimp? A beginner starts to run his blog with enthusiasm, only to experience the loss of excitement later. But, what if I told you being a blogger is much more than just writing a journal?

You can earn a good deal of money and help each other grow. So you ask me how? Let me dive right into the subject with all my knowledge.

My knowledge is based on research that I do very intensively. For instance, And I have also taken online courses.


I have explained here how to start a blog, in case you want to read it.

And now that you have a blog, what’s next? Is it okay to only talk about weight loss, or do we need something more?

To be clear, your blog can be

Just a hobby
A way of earning
or Both

I used to blog just as a hobby for years. Only recently, I have started to make some “money” by blogging as well. This is another big topic I will discuss later if you all want to.

So let’s get back to what the beginner blogger needs to know. There are four things listed below that require your attention more than you think.

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Social media
  • FB Groups

When starting my first blog, I didn’t even know what SEO was. Do you know what it is? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means that your site shows up on Google when you search. Not easy, but not hard, either. However, as with any other thing, it will take a little while before you get the hang of it.

Your content should be good enough to get readers to come back to your blog. Even if you write fiction, the content should be of high quality. They say content is king. There should be a reason for readers to share your blog pots or bookmark them.

Social media is an incredible way to get organic traffic to your website. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram are some of the most important social media. You publish a post and share the links on your social media. This is a smart way to increase traffic.

However, Pinterest is not a social medium. It is a search engine. And it just so happens that getting organic traffic on your blog is pretty good.

Blog Hops is a fantastic way to network with other bloggers and write with them. Many bloggers share ideas, many offer topics. For example, I just finished a blog contest where many bloggers wrote according to the prompts given.

Well, FB groups are one of the best ways to get good traffic to your blog. But following rules is the key.

TopBlogTips has a FB group that could help you with some basic things, like



Promotion of your blog

Opportunities to collapse

Blog shops



Canva Help

Improvement of the DA.

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