Anti-Spam Statement

Effective Date: 01/01/2018

Top Blog Tips (hereinafter referred to as "Owner", "we", "us", "ours" and the like) owns and operates this website, and therefore is giving the following Anti-spam Statement (hereinafter referred to as "Statement"):

YOU, as the visitor, member, subscriber, customer or partner (hereinafter referred to as "You", "Visitor", "Visitors", and the like), are required to read, acknowledge and agree to all the provisions of this Statement before you use this website or any of its parts.

CONTENT (hereinafter referred to as "Content") refers to any content published and available on this website, or any other media owned, operated, or otherwise affiliated with the Owner, including, but not limited to, any textual, graphics, audio, video, downloadable, or other type of content, software, applications, and the like.

By its definition, spam is every unsolicited email message, usually from an unknown sender, which recipient did not request in any way. Therefore, sending spam email messages is strictly forbidden by a number of worldwide applicable laws and regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), CAN-SPAM Act, and many others.

However, it is almost impossible for any state, public or regulatory body to completely prevent the sending of unwanted e-mails, regardless of the applicable laws and regulations, so prudence is actually your best protection from unsolicited emails.

In this Statement, we want to emphasize that we strictly adhere to the guidelines for sending email messages based on the explicit consent of the recipient, or when we are obliged to send email messages according to the legal regulations and the particular requirements of regulatory bodies.

Our official attitude about spam

This Statement confirms that we have a zero tolerance rate for spam. By using this website, you are protected by our warranty that at no time will you receive unsolicited mail, especially the one containing marketing messages (unless you have specifically requested or allowed us to send you marketing messages via electronic mail).

We will make sure that you, at any time, have complete control over whether you want to receive any emails from us, how and when you want to receive them, and what kind of content we can send you via email.

As we are aligned with the "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR), we are not allowed to send any email message unless the recipient has explicitly requested it, or has permitted us to send a specific type of email, in a clear and unambiguous manner as explained in our Privacy Notice.

Every automatically generated electronic message sent by us contains an option for quick and easy unsubscribing or termination of previously given permissions. By selecting this option, we will delete your data from the appropriate databases, and you will no longer receive such type of communication from us.

If an electronic message sent by us is not generated automatically, you can terminate your permission for receiving individual or all kinds of emails by sending an email message with your request for deletion from our databases to our email address: