7 Tips for Updating Your Blog in 2020

Many blogs are full of distractions. Things like sidebars, banner ads, and too much info. This distracts an audience from engaging in a way that helps you to get subscribers on your list, develop your business brand, and make sales.

How can you improve your blog?

1. Use a current looking theme.

Self-hosted WordPress blogs can easily change themes to one of the more modern minimalist themes. These remove distractions and make it easier for your visitors to read the blog and act when you call them to do so.

2. Improve navigation

The truth is that your navigation should also be minimal. You don’t need substantial drop-down menus or a lot of different things to click on. You can have navigation on top that takes visitors where you want them to go. Then lead them to the rest via content-related links or links to similar blog post content. There are several ways that work better than sidebar content.

3. Put a CTA in the header

Putting a CTA (Call To Action) in the header of your blog page to capture email list entries is an effective way to create a header that attracts attention. You can also use it to mention the most relevant content on your blog to direct visitors to where they should go.

4. Creating a full footer

Even if you want to limit the top navigation, you can create complete navigation in the footer. Here you can store everything people are looking for, such as copyright information, related websites, contact information, a link to a site map, and more.

5. Add useful widgets

If your sidebars stay the same, people will ignore them. But if you use a widget, it allows you to display popular posts, comments, breaking news, and maybe even exclusive sales that attract more people’s attention.

6. Add a Slider

An effective way to present more information is to use a slider that shows your best blog posts above the top. This way, your viewer doesn’t have to dig around; they see what’s best, right in the foreground. Combined with content-related links and recommended content below the posts, this can keep your visitors on your site longer.

7. Improve images

Update images in older blog entries as you update the information in the content. This will make your blog more modern. By updating content, you also bring back the attention to older material.

While you’re updating, do one new thing at a time instead of updating everything in one fell swoop. You can update the blog content and images first. Then change the colors, and improve navigation over time so that it doesn’t confuse your visitors. You want to keep your branding, so they know it’s yours.

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