10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog

1. Write relevant content.

You have to know your audience, identify the pain points, and understand your niche very well to write content that is not only relevant but also interesting for the audience.

2. Create content consistently.

Once you start creating content for your blog, it needs to be published regularly. This may seem not very easy, but if you know your audience, you can create at least one blog post per week that is of interest to the audience.

3. Share on social media.

When publishing a new blog post, you always share it instantly with all your social media accounts. You want to be proudly announcing everything you publish. If you don’t want to share it, why should they?

4. Share new posts with your email list.

Each time you post a blog post, write a blurb, a link to the blog post and add it to an email sequence if it is evergreen, or do a one time blast if it is not evergreen. This brings your audience back to your website and encourages them to share as well.

5. Add gated content upgrades to build your email list.

Every blog post you post is an opportunity to improve the content. A gated content upgrade is additional content you link to within a blog post that provides more information. It is usually downloadable, such as a checklist or cheat sheet that requires an email address to gain access.

6. Participate in your niche community.

Every niche has at least one community. You should participate in these communities as much as possible so that people are curious about you and want to read your blog posts.

7. Make new contacts every day.

It is vital to build up a network and establish contacts. Focus on specific contacts, just not on anyone. Getting 100 a day does not help if these are 100 people who are not interested. Find the people who are interested in what you are saying and talk to them.

8. Tap into the reader’s emotions.

If you can make an emotional connection with your viewers, they will come back for more. Even if you blog about business, you can show care, love, joy, and even sadness if you connect with your readers on a new level by being open yourself.

9. Create headlines that are easy to digest.

Your headlines are essential. Avoid click-bait – the practice of tricking readers into clicking to learn one thing and then writing a post about something utterly irrelevant to the headline or subject line. Instead, try to create a friendly, catchy headline that makes your readers curious enough to click through.

10. Add stand-out visuals.

What a post looks like is also important. Add visual material that underlines the message and draws attention to what you are trying to explain in the post. Take some of your photos and don’t always use pictures from the stock as they are; crop them differently, add colors, and make them look appealing. Remember to name the image after the topic of the post.

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